No Objection certificate

As you are all aware, BIS Certification is required for steel and steel products; nevertheless, if the product is identical but its properties are different, you would be unable to export your goods to India. NOC is required for this.

Steel and steel products are one of the major products which are being imported to India on a large scale. Due to very heavy imports, there are high chances of product dumping. This is the reason; some steel products (approx 350) are already under the ambit of mandatory certification by the BIS Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).

As per BIS norms, the steel products which are compulsory to be certified must bear ISI Mark on them. The major motive of ISI Mark is to provide Zero defect products and steel products of superior quality. However, there are some steel products that are still exempted from mandatory certification. These steel products only require a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Ministry of steel for Import and customs clearance.


A No Objection Certificate (NOC) is a certificate that is necessary for steel goods that have different specifications. If the properties of steel grade/product do not fall under the purview mandatory BIS list for Steel and Steel Products, the Ministry of Steel issues exemption/clarification/NOC on the consignment coming to India.

In some circumstances, a product’s code implies to customs that BIS registrations are necessary – yet they are not. Furthermore, customs officials may confuse “similar” products with those covered by “required certification,” resulting in needless delays in consignment clearance and significant penalties. To avoid delays and penalties, you must get a “No Objection Certificate” (NOC) from BIS stating that the given steel product is not covered under mandatory BIS Certification.


Ministry of Steel has constituted a Technical Committee for examination and analysis of the applications received for the issuance of clarifications, whether the products are covered under the purview of the Steel and Steel Products (Quality Control) Order, 2020. NOC will be granted by MOS on per grade per consignment basis.

Type of Request:

  • For clarification in Advance (before ordering the material)
  • For the material is in transit
  • For the material reaches the port of destination